Time for a Vacation

Wabi will take most of the effort of planning off, so you can quickly get into vacation mode and enjoy your trip to the fullest

Wabi is a Saudi travel app, established in 2020, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Wabi’s name comes from “Wabi-Sabi,” a concept that originated in Japan, about seeing beauty in imperfection.

Wabi with Vision 2030

One of our priorities is to achieve the Saudi 2030 tourism vision by providing exceptional services, such as:



Guiding travelers through their
journeys towards any destination
they desire.



Improving and supporting tourism experiences in Saudi Arabia.



Changing the way people plan
their trips.

Here’s what Wabi does to help you plan your perfect trip!

  • 1

    Booking Packages

    Whether you’re going solo or with someone, for work or tourism. You can find the right flight, hotel, and activities for you with our catalog right at your fingertip.

  • 2


    You don’t have to break the bank to have wonderful experiences. We provide you with options that have reasonable prices without compromising on quality.

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    Recommended Destinations

    Crave a holiday but don’t know where to go? We’ll give you a list of recommendations that will help you find your new favorite spot.

  • 4

    Trip Guides

    Making the most out of your trip and enjoying it carefree is now guaranteed with our trip guides created especially for you.

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